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Duqm Transport System
A high-standard arterial road network has been planned and is under implementation to link Duqm to all the major towns and cities within Oman as well connecting it with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). A balance among different modes of transport will be maintained to ensure mobility, security and safety while considerably reducing noise and air pollution.
Construction has already begun on two main roads within Duqm; the first is a 17 km. primary dual-carriageway with three lanes in each direction. This road will connect the port, airport, and tourist areas with local residential and social amenities. The second is a 22.5 km,4-lane road beltway around the city that will connect the residential areas within the city with the beach. Both roads should be completed by mid 2012.

In addition, another 37km. of roads are under construction in and around the port, dry dock, and government quay; these will connect the port with the airport, the city, and the main roads linking Duqm to other cities in Oman. By 2012, Duqm will be served by a comprehensive road/air system along with a planned traffic management system to ensure efficient traffic flow. Future development of the Duqm SEZ also will benefit from the planned rail network, which will connect Duqm to Muscat and onwards to the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, thereby creating an integrated multimodal transport system in and around Duqm.

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