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Fishery Harbor
The Arabian Sea is rich with fisheries resources which include different varieties of fish in addition to favourite Omani crustaceans\' species, all of which are in great demand in neighbouring countries as well as Europe. Efforts are made to exploit this dynamic comparative advantage of Duqm\'s traditional affinity to fishing activities and developing an integrated vision of a fishing sector in the northern part of Duqm.
This will encompass:
  • A fishing harbour at -6m depth with all facilities required to accommodate small and medium size fishing boats.
  • Retail, wholesale and export markets.
  • Setting aside enough land area to house fish processing, canning, fish oil and animal feed industries.
  • Fish & shrimp farming.
  • A training centre and extension services.
  • A marine research centre.
  • An international standards quality assurance centre for fresh and processed fish exports.

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