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Power & Water Generation and Distribution
The local power company has constructed a temporary diesel power station with a total installed capacity of 67 megawatts (MWs). Power will be generated at 11 kilovolts (kVs); this would be stepped up to 33kV using three step-up transformers. Power is distributed throughout Duqm via an underground cable network. Seven substations have been built to serve the port, airport, city north, city south, light industry and the hotel complex areas. Plans are underway to build a much larger gas-fueled power plant (500-1000MWs) to meet Duqm's future needs; technical, financial, and legal consultancy services contracts for this new power plant have been awarded.

A reverse osmosis (RO) water desalination plant, with an initial daily capacity of 6,000 m3, has been completed. Based on current levels of water consumption in Oman, this amount would be sufficient for a city with a population of 35,000. Further expansion of the RO plant along with the water distribution network is underway to meet the expected rise in demand. Two large reservoirs are nearing completion and a third is in the design stage. The government of Oman is committed to meeting the expected demand for potable water and electricity.

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