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Renaissance Village Duqm

Renaissance has built a safe, attractive and modern staff residency for the comfort and convenience of your staff/workforce, which will include accommodation, a mosque, medical clinics, recreation and retail outlets and will be able to accommodate more than 16,000 employees.

Renaissance Village Duqm will offer higher quality permanent accommodation facilities at competitive costs through economies of scale.

The Renaissance Village is now operational since the 1st of Feb 2017

Key benefits of the Renaissance Village Duqm include:
  • Pay as you use: clients are charged as per the actual man-days used, ideal for transient and/or varying workforce population
  • Permanent accommodation for all categories of staff to international standards
  • Competitive full board rates: includes food, utilities and laundry
  • Has wide range of room configuration to meet project/organizational requirement: from Single to 6 in a Room
  • Centrally located: close to port and tourism zone and close to arterial road
  • No capital investment required by the client for their staff accommodation
  • Flexibility to ramp up or down manpower as per project requirements
  • No bottle necks in terms of camp capacity
  • Allows focus on core business
  • Adds value in terms of IN-COUNTRY VALUE (ICV)

You can view the Project Brochure providing you the rates & other information in an Overview of the project by clicking on the below link:
Project Brochure

You may also watch a short video on Renaissance Village Duqm below.


In additional to the accommodation (Bed) our rates include Catering Services (3 meals per day), Housekeeping Services and Laundry Services, utilities (water and electricity), Maintenance & Security, apart from the use of the In-house Indoor and Outdoor Recreation etc.

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