Regional transfer station

It is the main focal point for the various projects in SEZD. In addition to being one of the largest ports in the Middle East, its location and spacious area allow it to attract multiple and mega investments in the heavy and petrochemical industries and keep pace with the growth of commercial, industrial, tourism and other projects in SEZD.

The geographical location of Port of Duqm close to the international shipping lines and African and Asian markets is one of its unique features let alone its advanced infrastructure. The total length of the breakwater is about (8.7 km) while the depth of the port basin reaches (18 m) and that of the approach channel to (19 m), which qualifies the Port to receive and handle giant container ships.

The Port consists of (3) berths: the commercial berth, the government berth, and the liquid and bulk materials berth (oil berth).

The commercial berth comprises of (4) terminals, including two container terminals with a length of about (1,600 m), to handle about (3.5 million) TEUs annually, a dry bulk terminal with a capacity of about (5 million) metric tonnes annually, and a multi-purpose terminal with a capacity of about (800 thousand) metric tonnes annually.

The government berth with a length of (980 m) is the first integrated berth of its kind in Omani ports to serve government bodies. It is one of the most important security facilities in Port of Duqm and provides readiness to manage the logistics operations of these entities and the security services of the Port and SEZD as a whole.

The oil berth prepares the Port for the export of refined liquid petroleum products.

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