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Investors' licenses and work permits

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Basic procedures for obtaining a foreign labor recruitment license:

1. Create an enterprise electronic account through an application site that works for smartphones, and obtain a username and password from it. (For the first time only).

2. Submit the application electronically via the website of the Ministry of Manpower, follow the steps outlined in the site, and attach the required documents mentioned in the regulation or manual.

3. Registration fees shall be paid at the time of registration directly (RO 250). The competent department of this body shall study the application and prepare the certificate of completion and then transfer it to the Labor Department electronically.

4. Payment of final license fees electronically, after final approval by the Department of Labor, or completion of the request in the case of a reasoned rejection of the request.

This department shall study the application and approve it after making sure that it meets the requirements

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  1. Application Registration Fees OMR.250 (Sezad)
  2. Investor license fees for a period of (12) months for the first time (101 riyals), Ministry of Manpower
  3. Investor license for a period of (24) months after evaluating the position of the investor at the end of the period granted for the first time (OMR.301), Ministry of Manpower
  4. Work permit for (24) months (OMR.301)
  5. Temporary work permit for (4 months - OMR.60) or (6 months - OMR.90) or (9 months - OMR.130). The Ministry of Manpower

Investor License or Work Permit