Permits and Building Approvals Department

Permit for Installing billboards, advertisement (new/renew)

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Is a permit to install advertising and guidance sign boards within SEZD after meeting the necessary requirements

  1. The application is received by one stop shop (First Line), check the documents and application
  2. The application transferred to the Clearance and Building Permits to check the signboard specification
  3. The Facilities and (GIS) Departments check and approve the location
  4. After approving the specification and location fees calculated and permit issue by Clearance and Building Permit Department
  5. The applicant informed to pay the fees and collect the permit

Note: The applicant will be notified in case the contact is not compliance with the requirements

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Five working days

(100) one hundred Omani Rail (30) thirty square meters, and more than (250) two hundred fifty Omani Rail

Signboard permit