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Request to establish a new company

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Establishment of a new company within Special Economic Zone at Duqm

  1. The application is received by one stop shop
  2. Checking the documents
  3. The application is submitted after filling the form for establishing a company in the region (the form can be obtained through the website of the Authority)

Press Start the Service and follow the available instructions.

  • If the applicant holds a residence visa in the Sultanate: No objection letter from the current employer to establish the project in the region.
  • If one of the partners is a moral person: The minutes of the meeting of the partners shall be presented showing the share of this partner and delegated in the new company
  • If there is a foreign legal partner: a certified copy of the Articles of Association and Articles of Association and what is to be registered in the foreign country and a meeting record between the amount of the share in the new company and authorized by the signature.
  • A copy of the identity of the owner or partners or founders and authorized signatories

Note: The applicant will be notified in case the contact is not compliance with the requirements.

One working day

OMR. 1000

New Commercial Registration Certificate