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Mission & Vision

Duqm Special Economic Zone Master Plan Image

The Special Economic Zone at Duqm is a regional hub for maritime transportation and logistics services; a safe haven for investments in export processing industries based on petrochemicals, mineral resources and fisheries; and an attractive tourism destination on the Arabian Sea; thus acting as an important lever for the economic growth of Oman and the enhancement of the quality of life of the local communities of Al Wusta Governorate. 
To improve the business environment of Duqm; develop its infrastructure services; manage its strategic assets and facilities; and build its human-resource capabilities in order to attract local inward and foreign direct investments in transportation and logistics services, high-value-added industries, and tourism in accordance with the approved master plan, best international practices, good governance and the sustainable use of natural resources. 
Core Values
  • Transparent, streamlined and proactive business environment in line with the needs of investors and established businesses.
  • Optimal and sustainable use of financial, natural and environmental resources.
  • Equal treatment for foreign and local investors.
  • Maximizing private sector participation in the development of the Zone.
  • Good corporate governance that values individual responsibility, timeliness of decision making, and institutional accountability based on achieved results. 

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