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A place where the desert meets the sea
"Aspirational tourism destinations with outstanding natural beauty. Combined with a moderate climate, the friendliness of Duqm and high levels of safety and security are the real assets of Duqm."
Al Wusta Wildlife Reserve

In the middle of a spectacular desert cliff, this reserve is home to a small herd of reintroduced oryx. It offers a rare chance to see this magnificent desert antelope up close as there is a large herd of over 600 animals in the reserve’s breeding centre. The reserve, access to which is by 4WD with prior permit only, is 50km off the Haima–Duqm road (Hwy 37) on a poorly graded track marked ‘Habab’, 110km from Haima.

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Ras Madrakah beach

Located about 80km south from Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Residence Duqm, Ras Madrakah beach is worth the 90-minute drive. A popular spot for surf fishing and camping tourism, combines a natural mixture of soft silver sand and rocks adjacent to the sea water in their different formations, in addition to the gathering of many sea birds, most notably seagulls an ideal spot to settle down with a picnic.

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The Arabian Oryx Preserve

Arabian Oryx Sanctuary is in the central part of Oman in Al Wusta Governorate, and was registered in the UNESCO world natural heritage.

Arabian Oryx in this land was in danger of exterminated from hunting and a lot of Arabian Oryx was protected in U.S.A then. Arabian Oryx returned from U.S.A and live naturally now.

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Khaluf Beach

Khaluf sands is one of the most fascinating locations in Oman, but also one of the most challenging for the inexperienced drivers. The big white sand dunes that are found beyond the village of Khaluf are very soft, and only approachable with a good 4×4.

The dunes are permanently exposed to strong winds from the ocean, and are constantly moving. This prevents them from hardening and, consequently, it is much easier to get stuck here than in other places where sand dunes exist.

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Qarn Aswad (the Black Hill)

A volcanic plug in the middle of extensive sand flats not far from Khaluf. There are two other plugs in the area but this is the nicest one to visit.

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Masirah Island

It can only be reached by ferry from Shannah and is a bird watcher’s paradise as well as an important hatching site for a vast number of migrating sea turtles. It is also a great place to enjoy fishing and water sports such as kitesurfing and sailing due to the winds close to the shore.

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