Location & How to Reach

Duqm is located on a coastal strip on the Arab Sea open to the Indian Ocean and is about 550 km from Muscat. 6 hours by road and almost 1 hour by flight. Salalah is on the western side of Duqm, some 600 kilometers away and 6 and a half hour drive away.

"There are 3 ways to get from Muscat to Duqm by plane, car or bus"
Fly (1h 56min, MCT - DQM)

Muscat – Duqm via air

A green-field airport located within the SEZ receives daily flights from Muscat, but is also equipped to handle international flights and jumbo freighters. The airport currently operates direct flights to Muscat four times per week

Drive (6h 13min, 561 km)

Muscat – Duqm via road

At regional level, Duqm is accessible by road via Muscat-Sinaw-Mahout route (Route 32) and Muscat- Hayma-Salalah-Route 31.

Duqm SEZ is well connected via highways linking it to all major cities in the region as well as to the GCC. Within and around the Duqm SEZ are roads of international standard; dual four-lane highways, and dual three-lane arterial roads to enable efficient movement of goods and traffic across the zone.

Bus (6h 13min, 561 km)

Muscat – Duqm via road

Mwasalat offering number of intercity routes that take you from Muscat to various cities of Oman, including Duqm. The following schedule applies to routes to and from Duqm.

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