Nufoon Sculpture Forum

Georgi Minchev

The project has two main opposing concepts of shaping, based on a cube and a sphere. In the project they are combined to form two types of space: interior and exterior space.

Looking for new means of expression in my work “Fragment of something bigger - space” project, I decided to use combinations of the basic geometric figure cube. This form, together with the sphere, is one of the most communicative and understanding geometric forms for man.

The idea of these geometric shapes is easy to absorb from the human brains and it has the value of the basic human knowledge that we use in our "default" practice.


The movements of the Arabic letters when formulated as a literal combination or a calligraphic formation or a three-dimensional and carved one, are very attractive through their overlapping of its shapes, intertwining, thickness and accuracy, so that they appear to be embracing with flexibility, smoothness and harmony, forming elegant visual sentences that are fascinating with their beauty and consistency. The richness and uniqueness of Arabic calligraphy make it a legacy that we cherish and seek to develop and research into its components.

The sculpture is inspired by the curved shape of the Omani dagger, which is similar to the Arabic calligraphy. It stands on its surface linear movements that appear through the contrast between the prominent and the recessed. It stands on a curved base reflecting a movement to create a unique visual balance inspired by some stones in the Rock Garden in Duqm.

Mohammed Sahnon
Ana Maria Negara

Life is like a point, a bud, a flower bud that is preparing to bloom, a spiral that catches you in its dance. This point, the origin of all creations, is able to shatter everything around itself, to absorb everything in itself and then to turn into matter.

This point must be alive, it is not inert, but turbulent, it is able to become a spiral, galaxy or universe and to radiate enough energy as to be able to create joy and a new form of life. In this sense, the concept of the project arose from a simple point, a dot on the paper, a dot on a map, a dot in which everything can be hidden or serves as a gateway between the two worlds.


The idea of this artwork is inspired by the movement of students, as they carry the books on their heads, framed by a belt that collects them in a tidy manner. This reflects students pursuing their dreams and building their future on a daily basis until they achieve their goals.

Yusuf Al Rawahi
Sultanate of Oman
Ahmed Al Shabibi
Sultanate of Oman

This artwork documents the process of petrification of living organisms and their transformation into mineral materials or sediments due to corrosion factors, which recalls those old ages and coexistence.

The idea reflects the rock formations in the Wilayat of Duqm, such as the Rock Garden, and thus the sculpture mirrors the reality of the economic zone embracing development and projects to mimic those natural forms in the Rock Garden or the Hamar Rock at Nufoon Village.


Life is full of bridges; it always means a vital transition. The bridge is what unites and separates, allowing the passage from one side to another. The two shores symbolise two different states of being that are connected through that spiritual gateway; building bridges instead of building walls. The idea of the sculpture reflects the need for determination of man to build and walk the bridges in life as a path of transformation.

Jose Carlos
Khalil Al-Kalbani
Sultanate of Oman

The sculpture was named to express the reality in which we live. The term “surrounding” is the space that we interact with and the term, “self” reflects us and what we experience in the surrounding and how we get influenced. The artwork is formed through the elements of mass and emptiness, which depend on the overlapping and extended movement, and take us on a continuous path and permanent interaction between the source and the origin of the movement from the base, and then climbing to the top.


The sculpture consists of three pieces, connected with each other in a tangent way. All parts are reduced bodies that are related in form and design. Every natural, creative or economic process is always based on the status before. Growth, development and new ideas are based on what was grown and developed before. Like in nature or in the technical and urban development and also in artistic or economic processes, one step follows the other.

Klaus F. Hunsicker