Geological History

Duqm is part of Central Oman Region or the so called Al Haqf, which is a gravel area located between Oman's mountains in the north and Dhofar 's mountains in the south. From the east, it is bordered by the Arabian Sea and by the Empty Quarter Desert from the west.

It has a unique geomorphologic structure that is different from other regions. includes sand dunes and gravel plains which are crossed by several valleys like Wadi Sai, Wadi Nafon and other valleys located in the Wilaya of Duqm.

The climate in the Wilaya of Duqm and its nature combining sea and desert, have made the region rich with various types of trees and animals.

Economic Activities in Duqm

Duqm is a coastal city, where fishing is one of the main professions practiced by people of the Wilaya. It has an important economic role to supply the area with good quality fish. Local people are engaged in a number of businesses related to fishing such as making traditional nets.

A visitor to Duqm would see different types of ships anchored on the shore in the wilayat of Duqm. The local people use various fishing boats, with the most common one is called "Al Shuwei".

Camel breeding is also one of the traditional professions practiced by people in Duqm.

Bedouin women in Duqm practice many traditional professions such as sewing, making burqa, tents, carpets and weaving camel accessories.