Youth Dialogue, Poetry Reading Sessions & Plays to Attract Visitors

December 01, 2022

Bedouin Tents & Hand-Made Crafts Are Among Event Activities Youth Dialogue, Poetry Reading Sessions & Plays to Attract "Amad Duqm 22" Visitors

Duqm (1st December):

"Amad Duqm 22" event continues attracting visitors from different Omani governorates with various cultural, sports, recreational, innovative, technological, and sustainability-related activities. The event, which will run through until Saturday, was co-organised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth and the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones.

As part of "Amad Duqm 22" cultural activities, a youth dialogue session entitled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" was held by Khaled Al Huraibi. Dr. Yasmin Al Balushi, a Senior Advisor at the Royal Academy of Management, also hosted another dialogue session on the future skills of young people. The session covered the most important life, technological and social skills for young people to learn and acquire. It also addressed innovation, how to transform challenges facing young people into opportunities and how to think outside the box.

Community Engagement

The Omani Women's Association (OWA) in Duqm participated in "Amad Duqm"22. Laila Salloum Al Janibi,President of the association, spoke out about OWA’s participation in the event and said, “OWA co-organised a Bedouin tent to promote the Bedouin customs and traditions. OWA also organised a craft fair in which more than 70 craftswomen exhibited their crafts, such as textile and palm-frond crafts, which Duqm is renowned for.”

Al Junaibi continued, “OWA also organised Wadha café for productive families. The 59-member cafe has shelves where productive families can exhibit their traditional food.” She urged local businesses and organisations to help these families out by buying their products, such as handmade crafts or traditional food.” 

Kut Shaaban At Amad Duqm Event

Mazoon Theatre Group also performed the "Kut Shaaban" play, which drew a huge audience, and contributed significantly to Amad Duqm 22 Event. The play addressed different social problems with humor. Yousef Mohammed Al Balushi, the group leader, said, “The group has many local and international performances and achievements. It was selected to perform the play "Kut Shaaban" by Bahraini writer Jamal Saqr. The play, which was performed in the open air, addressed many social problems with humour while preserving national identity, maintaining freedom of expression, and traditions, and avoiding bad language.”

Al Balushi added, “Actors and actresses found it to be an exhilarating experience to perform in front of an audience in an outdoor theatre. Which helped them to deliver social messages with humor, especially the main message of the play, which is to preserve our national identity and not to let anyone dictate our lives. Instead, we should only follow ideas that go in line with our beliefs and identity and avoid negative and destructive ones.”

“Tarsheeh Elkrtoni”

Al Rustaq theatre group also performed a comedy play "Tarsheeh Elkrtoni" in the event. Actor Mohammed Khamis Al Maamari, the group leader, said, “The play mainly delivers modern social and life messages with humor. It urges the modern media to change the traditional election scene in the Sultanate of Oman through satirically delivering some social messages.” He added, “The Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) and the avenue of the event were included in the play script.”

Among other "Amad Duqm 22" activities, a poetry reading session was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Duqm. Many well-known poets, including Hammoud Wahqqa Al Yahya'e, Kamel Nasser Al Bathari, Khalid Sulaiman Al Junaibi, and Saif Al Mutzub Al Raysi, took part in the session, attracting a large number of poetry fans.